In the fallout from the infamous successful cyber attacking attempts long time ago, Yahoo issues another warning to entire internet users. The warning is about the potentially malicious thing happening long ago and leaving millions of users’ personal data exposed; with them having no clue about it. TheAi??Mega-Data-Breach occured twice in past.

It was during a period between 2015 and 2016 when the said activity took place and Yahoo’s fresh, repeated warning is a current development in the matter; part of the ongoing investigation of the mega-breach.Ai??Yahoo re-informs the customers about their very personal accounts being compromised but the move comes monthsAi??later; the company knew it all,Ai??ever since it all started.

The warning sent to the affected customers and internet users tells them afresh that their accounts may have been accessed by hackers for which; they didn’t require users’ secret passwords even. It is believed that the somehow or the other, theAi??hackers managed to steal the ‘source code’ known to Yahoo only.

Having this stolen code with them, the ‘rest of the task’ was fairly easy for the hackers I.e.Ai??creating forged cookiesAi??and applying them to achieve their purpose; log in to anyone’s account, anywhere and anytime.Ai??The warning, issued byAi??chief information security officerAi??YahooAi??conveys that everyone is informed about the past data security issue, involving users‘ Yahoo accounts.Bob Lord ensured that company’s outside forensic experts are constantly engaged in investigations. “They’re trying

Bob Lord ensured that company’s outside forensic experts are constantly engaged in investigations. “They’re tryingAi??to learn all regarding the creation of harmful, forced cookies,” said Bob adding, “allowing any intruder(s) access to the accounts of any users, without even a password.

Briefly, the entire Yahoo users must check their inbox and if aAi??’Yahoo Warning Email’ is there; they should immediately respond to the same andAi??though the problem seems to have already been fixed by the company; users must be vigilant to avoid any further data breach or Mega-Data-BreachAi??attempt.

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