Today, Snap is rolling out some new interesting features added to Snapchat. The user can now record and edit the videos with more ease.

Multi snap recording is the one of the feature being added to the app, by using this feature, you can record about six back to back 10 second video clips. It will let you decide which one of is the best clip for your Story.


The other feature,Ai??tint brush is the known for the effecting tool that allows you to edit the color of the images and objects in the video or photo. The iOS and Android users can enjoy the tint brush feature, while, the multi snap recording feature is currently limited to the iOS devices.

Snapchat is promoting object-recognition technology by introducing Tint brush to edit the colors of the recognized object. However, the video shooting feature is attracting the more users to share the videos on Snapchat.

Snap photo edit tool isAi??most admirableAi??feature in the Photoshop. With taping on your finger to the object andAi??edit the colorAi??option, you have to make a boundary around the object and select the color, the snap will turn the object withAi??the selected color. After capturing the image, you can enable to edit the object.

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