The technology of smartphone is growing day by day but now people are getting fed up from its daily looks. So according to the demands of the users, they need some change. Giant tech is planning to change their smartphones looks. Last time it is reported that one of the mobiles is going to announce this year with totally change exterior. In this changing Samsung and Apple are the best competitor busy in their competition.

1. Bezel-less display

LastAi??year in 2016 the Philippe Strack designed the mobile with a totally change of its front look. It was a 6.4-inch display which was 90% changed from other traditional mobiles. This new innovation was the boost for the smartphone users. And people liked it soo much for their use.

2. Curved designs

In a curved designed that was also introduced last year by the Samsung. They launched 2 mobile phone versions in 2016. One was S6 Edge, and other is S7 Edge. In these model of Samsung, their screens were curved in shape and that was looking a very good and new smart look display. That was sold too much by the users and people were loving it and still, most of the people love to use it.

3. Alternative screen formats

In the competition of the smartphone world. LG also played very important and competitive role in it. They introduced the G6 series which has a 5.7-inch display which left many mobiles behind and user are desperately waiting for the launch date of LG G6.

iPad Pro's 9.7-inch model not going to have much impressive specifications except the A10x chipset