Previously used as a secondary option for OS in Samsung’s smartphones, Tizen OS is now paving its path for other devices to complete a smart home. The Linux-based OS has recently got an update in the form of Tizen 4.0 which includes the said features in addition to the support for IoT devices. Named asAi??Tizen Real Time (RT), this OS complies with the IoT devices as announced by the company at its Tizen Developers Conference (TDC) in San Francisco.

Samsung Is Up For A Competition

This launch is actually subjected to give a competition call to Google which has already mastered in products for smart home and IoT. While talking about Tizen, Samsungai??i??s Executive VP said:

Tizen has proven itself as the most successful Linux-based embedded OS in the world.

This improvement will actually help to turn the IoT dream into a reality with support provided for more and more things in the IoT circle in addition to Smart TVs and refrigerators which are already the part of the network. Tizen RT OS can be implemented to control thermostats, scales, light bulbs, and some other devices. Company’s talks are under process with ARTIK and Broadlink to develop Tizenai??i??s RT-based chipsets so that the IoT scene turns on with Tizen 4.0.

Cross Platform Support To Be Added

To spread it across the board, Samsung is planning to add .NET and Xamarin framework into Tizen 4.0. For this, things are under discussion with Microsoft which can turn out into a great joint venture.


As a starter, the company revealed its first ever Tizen RT chipset called ARTIK 053. Talking about the capabilities of this chipset, the lightweight and affordable piece of technology having combined real-time processing abilities can deliver high-performance and security for the devices using it. The possible beneficiaries of this chipset can be:

  • Home appliances
  • Healthcare devices
  • Industrial automation
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