After the launch of LG G6, the Korean smartphone manufacturer was also reported to come up with two new smartphones for this summer. Which would include the LG G6 Plus and the LG G6 Pro. Among which LG just announced its new LG G6+ smartphone offering a lot more in the already existing great package of the LG G6.

In terms of specs where the LG G6+ shines compared to the LG G6 is in storage. Where the new LG G6+ now comes with a standard 128 GB of internal storage. While the smartphone now also comes with supports for wireless charging. This was something that was limited to selected countries till now. But with the launch of the new LG G6+, every smartphone will now have support for wireless charging. Aside from that owners of the new LG G6+ will also find a pair of B&O PLAY earphones in the box.

LG will also be offering three new colors on their new LG G6+ smartphone. Which includes Optical Marine Blue, Optical Astro Black and Optical Terra Gold. While two new colors were also introduced to the already existing LG G6 smartphone. Which now also includes the Optical Marine Blue and the Optical Terra Gold color.

Aside from the physical improvements the new LG G6+ also offers a couple of software improvements as well. That include features like Low Power Consumption, Face Print and Covered Lens Warning. Among which the Low Power Consumption is basically a battery saving features, which is nothing new but is a nice addition to see on an LG smartphone. Aside from that the Face Print feature offers phone unlocking through facial recognition. While the Covered Lens Warning feature should help users avoid pictures with unwanted fingers in it. LG also announced that their current LG G6 will also be getting all these new features with a software update soon,

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The new LG G6+ will be available next month in the markets of South Korea. Though there is no official pricing on the smartphone yet.