Around 2010, countless publications were blamed to have managed to steal highly sensitive military-related files and publishing the material thus stolen; and one among them was WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange. The word is out that now the US Department of Justice is narrowingAi??down on both; Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks.


Yeah that’s true.Ai??Several reports confirm that the Department of Justice is ai???seriously consideringai??i?? criminal charges against the site and its 45-year-old creator Julian Assange. Thursdayai??i??s media reports further give us an understanding that DoJ is narrowing down to Julian and his site; over the ai???roles they playedai??i?? in leaking multipleAi??secret documents.

According to couple of highly trusted sources i.e. CNN and The Washington Post, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks may face the following potential criminal charges:

  • Conspiracy
  • Theft of government property
  • Violation of the ai???Espionage Actai??i?? etc.

The US authorities strongly believe that Julian allegedly published extremely sensitive military files, obtained several years ago; from an ex US Army intelligence analyst.Ai??WikiLeakes is also alleged of dumping hundreds of thousands of further documents recently, detailing various hacking methods and tools the CIA used to apply, for foreign espionage, and:

The same is considered to be the ‘largest’ and ai???historicai??i?? leak of sensitive CIA documents ever.

Julian is reportedly facing another legal issue, though on a separate rape charge warrant. However, ai???backedai??? by Lenin Moreno (president-elect winner of presidential election Ecuador), Julian is not only avoiding arrest; Lenin seems reluctant in Assangeai??i??s extradition yet.


Meanwhile, considering it difficult and troublesome to prosecute a News Organization, the DoJ showed reluctance in Obamaai??i??s tenure but appointed by President Trump; the new Attorney General thinks otherwise.

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Jefferson Sessions conveys that prosecutors would take ai???another lookai??i?? at the findings of the previous administration afresh.

During the Thursdayai??i??s new conference Jeff said ai???We are going to step up our effort; stepping up our efforts already in fact; on all sensitive leaks, taking it as a matter gone beyond anything weai??i??re aware