Google cares for all things, one of the best way to give an amazing look to your smartphone is to set a sizzling and awesome wallpaper at a home screen. As we all know that Google knows everything so couple of months ago it launched its own wallpaper app containing hundreds of beautiful wallpapers, to the Play Store and named it as “Wallpapers“.

Google recently released a new update to its wallpaper app in which the giant company curated bunches of new wallpapers with several categories like Earth view (photos taken from Google Earth), Landscape, Life, Textures and Cityscape (images taken from Google plus). Each categories will provide you a new wallpaper image each new day, You can also set a daily rotation but don’t try to mix images from different categories because this will not work.

This app achieved a great success, within a couple of months the application has been dowloaded by nearly ten million users globally. Reason behind its success is that the application is very easy to use that even a simple users can work on it easily, the apps allow you to set your smartphones home screen and lock screen or both at the same time.

If you are not getting the newly updated wallpapers yet, just update the app and enjoy but if you haven’t even downloaded the wallpaper app just open Play Store in your Android phone and type Wallpaper apps in the search bar you will get something like shown below in the image, just click on install it will download and install in your android set by its own. One thing to keep in mind that the application works on Android 4.1 Jellybean and up.

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Thats all from me, share your thoughts and view related Google wallpaper app in the comment box below.