Now a newly report about the Facebook introduced a new app. According to this update Facebook is now trying to introduce a Snapchat for a long bit time. Facebook doing work over the last year hard to increase the growth of Snapchat.

According to Mark Zuckerberg and company they found the many way of any kind to increase the growing and developing Snapchat growth properly. They do their properly time to increase growth on Snapchat on Facebook to make them app popular.

Instagram app is proper app we know that about. However, this app Instagram addede some new amazing feature like Snapchat aping stories. This feature added in last August. Recently report tell us new Instagram announcement in this month almost 200 million user hit already due to this feature. It’s also tell about the statista chart according to this chart 150 million users used the Instagram stories in January. However, they count the monthly report. Next soon they tell us about the report of the May.

Further more, the counting the report about the user is doesn’t mean they can’t trust the Instagram stories they just want the information about the user, like how many people use the Instagram stories in their mobile phones. But this is may be not the really point. Something is different in the Facebook Snapchat it’s new innovation of the all user. The new app is more huge and interesting and link to the reality.Ai??Itai??i??s never had to out-design Snapchat to stop it from siphoning off users and potential ad dollars.

Mark zuckerberg making it Possible, Facebook Messenger just Got New Feature you'll actually want to use. ai???Group Video Callai???

According to the Facebook:

The smartestAi??thing Facebook could do is a rip-off; then, the battle becomes about which app is more likely to have more people you care about using it. Instagram, with its 600 million users, will usually win that fight (Facebookai??i??s three (!) other snapchat clonesAi??donai??i??t seem to be doing so hot, yes, but Instagramai??i??s audience and core product are closet toAi??snapchat .)

People are attached to the Instagram Snapchat because of the stories and the content. One thing to be clear this is not less likely this is the good app but i think firstly you download this app to your smartphones and this is the good news.