Days Gone is a new PS4 and PS4 Pro exclusive so, Digital Foundry reveal very interesting information about this open-world game which is full of zombies and as one of many have to fight for survival. The game is being powered byAi??Unreal Engine which is a pretty powerful Engine, which allows developers to create pretty nice graphics.

Now obviously this is an open-world game and you can ride a bicycle, it comes with dynamic weather so, you can pretty much play the same part of the game differently depending on the weather. On top of that it is an open-world game and it has dynamic weather conditions, it also is full of zombies in hundreds basically attacking you at the same time.

On top of that you don’t only fight with zombies but also you have to fight renegades, people who fight other people for some benefits just like in The Walking Dead.

Technical Aspects of the game

The game looks very impressive, the textures looks very crisp. However, it’s not a native 4k game although there was quite a lot of talk about this being 4k but it’s using checkerboard rendering basically. We are still not sure whether it’s 1800p checkerboard or 2160p checkerboard. As we have heard a lot of rumors this game being native 4k so assuming that it might be 2160p checkerboard.

On top of that they are also using dynamic resolution scaling so, basically when there’s too many objects on the screen like 200 zombies then the resolution may actually drop below 2160p.Ai??On top of that this game supports HDR so, 4k TV owners is going to enjoy even more.

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Overall the game looks impressive, the gameplay looks impressive. It’s another story driven kind of open-world game. The game looks nice and supports checkerboard 4k dynamic.

Release Date

Unfortunately we don’t know the release date for this game yet, hopefully we will see it soon. There were couple of games during E3 2017 Sony’s presentation which did receive at least blurry kind of release date like early 2018 or 2017.