The first of the Radeon Vega series, the Vega Frontier Liquid Edition was released recently and the overclockers have already tested it to its core. The graphics card was recorded to yield a handsome amount of power when overclocked and also, the power consumption was recorded to be 440W. The company has installed water cooling system in the GPU so that it doesn’t heat up while in the overclocking mode.


The design of the card has been built on the very fine basis of enhanced usability. The golden colored theme of the card gives it a very catchy look and the liquid cooling setup of the card is a very sophisticated one. An LED at the rear corner of the card emits a very beautiful looking blue light. You can also change the color of LEDs at the back plate with the help of the GPU Tach controller present on the backplate.

The water cooling system of the card is developed by ‘Cooler Master‘ and its 120mm radiator has a tubing leading to a large cooling pump lying under the shroud. The manufacturers have installed separate cooling pumps for GPU/HBM2 and the power delivery system. The normal running position, the card grasps around 375W of TDP which is already much higher than the air cooled variant but when overclocked, the power consumption figure reaches up to 440W.

As Tested By PC Perspective

The famous testing platform, PC Perspective has recently performed various tests on the Vega Frontier and the results have been very encouraging. At least those, who had high expectations from the Vega series are not going to be disappointed. The $1500 Liquid Cooled edition hasn’t yet come on the scene because of AMD’s own policies.

Along with other details, the specifications released after having a hands-on experience are written below.

  • 64 NCUs (Next Generation Compute Units) having 4096 stream processors
  • 16 GB of HBM2 memory yielding 484 GB/s with the 2048-bit bus interface
  • At peak single precision rated at 13 TFLOPs and half-precision rated 25 TFLOPs, its output becomes same as that of the air-cooled variant
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