Most of the people playing the games are labelled as the people who do not exercise on a regular basis, they prefer playing games on sitting a sofa, or sitting with friends. The most of people unlikely to go out for a walk. But there is a game that allows users to walk around for playing the Game.

PokAi??mon Go, the game is not much popular game is the game that allows users to walk while playing the game. Last year, the game was launched and yet the game has not much users. The developers of the game are planning to update the version and other major updates in this year, that may increase the number of users.



Users of the game connected with the AR based smartphones, that allows users to find out more creations while walking on streets. According to the report, recently a research report from medical studies published in the Journal of the American Heart Association revealed that playing PokAi??mon Go may be better for your health.

According to the report, studies mentioned that, the researcher asked 167 PokAi??mon Go players to send their mobile screenshots of the game and the step counts. Researchers focused on the 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after the launch of the game. The time frameAi??includes between June 15 and July 31, 2016.

Moreover, 25 years old, users were targeted by the researcher for the study. The study revelsAi??that, On average, step count of the users was 5,678 recorded before the launch of the game and after the launch of the game, step counts of the users increased to 7,654 on average.Within three weeks of the launch, player increase steps count.

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Concluding on, playing the PokAi??mon Go, on average, the players increase the physical activity level. According to the report, it can be, the better way to promote physical activity by attracting the game players.