Windows 10 tablet, yes the same rumored Galaxy Book, seems to be on its way soon as suggests an image the company released on its app store. The lone image hints that Samsung is gearing up for the launch of the product in question over the weekend; at the massive MWC 2017Ai??event. Surprise Samsung Galaxy Book Tablet.


It is believed and speculated that it could be Samsung’s best ever Windows 10 tablet, being aAi??powerful device supporting newer features. Several reports in the recent past had suggested that Samsung could well have been engaged inAi??completing their ‘homework’ on a tablet.Ai??We have learned that it was anAi??MS Power user,Ai??who noticed the unusual “Book Setting” app first and realized the new tab hinted something new.Ai??

An image on Samsung’s own app store proves that something new, something rather powerful is on its way and among the company’s other weekend plans; one could be the launch of this Microsoft Soft’s Window 10-powered-tablet. After all, if Samsung eyes on taking on arch rival Apple in tab-industry; they should be ‘well-equipped’ with ‘equal weapons.’

Considering the features included in the app and considering “Book Settings” term itself, it leaves very little for anyoneAi??to doubting the idea of aAi??Surprise Samsung Galaxy Book Tablet finally coming. Take look at the app features regarding Surprise Samsung Galaxy Book Tablet that include the following:-

  • Battery Life Extender
  • Pen
  • Pattern Log-in
  • Screen Mode
  • User Manual

Hopefully, it must beAi??immaterial to worry and run the horses of our imagination whether how ‘different’Ai??Galaxy Book wouldAi??really be; as compared to the already existing similar device, Galaxy TabPro S. Important to know and believe is whether the device fulfills the users’ expectations? Hope so…..

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